About Susana

I am Susana L√≥pez Castells and I love doing Art.  To be more specific, Art for me is a way of expressing ideas and feelings going on through my life; it helps me conquer and channel them, weather is fear, love, stress, or any kind of passion; it helps me confront them all in canvas or paper. The Arts let me go free without almost any boundaries, and give me the opportunity to achieve the very beautiful thing that goes on in life, which is the ability to create. Not everyone has this gift, and I think I am very lucky to be able to have a chance at that and convey precious messages in it.

An artist since forever.  I filled my Mom's phonebooks with drawings of women and superheroes since I was a small child, but I never was encouraged by either parent to do it as a profession.  My two parents were Doctors, so it was a little hard to tell them that I was not going to be like them.  I entered the faculty of Natural Sciences in College, still thinking I could go to Medical School, but the creative part of me kept calling, and I finally changed to Architecture and went all the way all the way to the Master.  Meanwhile, I kept doing artistic work, like watercolors, pottery, t-shirt painting; working as an Architect, I married an Art dealer.  He pushed me towards the Arts.  At 30 years of age I made my first large format acrylic painting.  I called it "Mi primer Mascota", which meant My First Pet.  My daughter was born at that time, so I painted one of the memories she could have as a child.  

I started to expose my work.  I began to participate in collective and individual expositions, auctions, and competitions.  I also presented my work in TV shows, adds, and interviews in newspapers and magazines. 

 I left my Architect profession to be an Artist, and I will never regret it.  I would never turn back.  Despite the slow movement of the economy, people like you keep looking for my artistic work.  I have my studio, and stores keep sell my art.   More importantly, I do what I love.