Hello!  This is my first blog, and I will show the machine that feeds my work everyday, the soul of it:  My art studio.  I also have my "working bees".  Right now AI have two helpers, Carla and Valeria.  They are very dedicated, meticulous, and fun at work!  We really enjoy been there, and the cats too.  I have two new cats I rescued from the street, Michi, the black and white and Michelin, the black, more roundy one. 



This photo shows my two "Padawans", and the working tables.  Paint and glue is almost everywhere, but the invisible is always there: our hearts in every piece we make.


Here a photo of me with my new blondish hair that my daughter made me.  Yes my 14 year old is a great beautishian!  When I am going to paint I use this one piece wardrobe so that I won't paint anything else. 


Here is the back of the working area, were I store things like mats, acryligraphs tthat we are working on, etc.    The fun stuff happens when we have too many we can't almost walk through! 


In the back of my studio are hanged my two College Diplomas:  My Bachelor of Architecture and my Master in Architecture.  These were hard-earned, and fought.  They always remind me that I am smart, resourceful, and perseverant in everything I do, and that I won't be beat by this rough economy.  One light shuts down, another light up.  You have to keep going.



And a closer look at my working bees at it.  there you have it, the soul of my work.