What I believe  This are some of the roots on which my life builds on.  Love, patience, kindness; few true friends; small and big miracles; straight life.

I believe everyone make mistakes in their lives; this is why I believe everyone deserves a second chance, even a third one.  Love, patience, and kindness can touch the hearts of difficult people and change them; difficult situations can be changed too.

This happens to me again and again.  Miracles do come our way; divine help do come our way if you ask for it, if your ways stay true.  I believe that we may not understand at the beginning why things happened this or that way, but we eventually do.  believe everything and everyone is connected, and everything happens for a reason.

 All my friends came with chance, but the ones who stayed are precious and few.  They are loyal and honest; they are good listeners and don’t judge my ways.  They have the heart of an artist and love the passion to create.  I value them infinitely.

 Yes, I always want to do the right thing and always want justice to prevail.  I dedicate myself to do to what I always liked to do, which is art, design, ideas, and creations.  I believe that not doing what I love, would be untrue.  So I firmly follow this, like a straight arrow, firm and true to my convictions, my true North.

  I BELIEVE that we came to this world to learn a lot of stuff, but at the end we will learn that simple is the best of magics  Simple people, simple things are the best, we don’t need much to be really happy.  We need a hug, a coffee in the early morning, and truth.     What do you believe?